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Story Corps – Interviews with Victor Mansfield

Elaine Mansfield interviewed Vic Mansfield five months before his death. The StoryCorps interview, like Vic, is honest, poignant, and inspiring.


Causality in Buddhism and Quantum Mechanics

Six weeks before his death, Vic presented his last book to the Dalai Lama and taught with him at a Science and Buddhism seminar at Colgate University. The Dalai Lama requested and wrote the introduction for Vic’s book. After receiving the Dalai Lama’s embrace, Vic accepted his coming death without fear. This is an edited [...]


The Dalai Lama at Colgate University

The Dalai Lama was at Colgate University, Tuesday, April 22, 2008. The video includes a short excerpt from his lecture on "The Art of Happiness." Click Here To View


Book Signing and Talk 3/1/08 at Wisdom’s Goldenrod

Book Signing and Talk 3/1/08 at Wisdom's Goldenrod


Synchronicity with Vic Mansfield

Even though synchronicity, the term coined by Carl Jung for meaningful coincidences, has attained some renown, according to Mansfield it is badly misconstrued. Here he discusses what synchronicity is, its parallels with quantum mechanics and perhaps why it shows up in our lives. Vic Mansfield discusses what synchronicity is, its parallels with quantum mechanics and [...]


Astrophysics And The Middle Way with Vic Mansfield

The parallels between science and mysticism are explored as Mansfield, a professor of physics and astronomy at Colgate University, speaks of how he as a physicist has been influenced by exposure to eastern philosophical systems, especially Buddhism. He talks about his association with the philosopher-mystic Paul Brunton and one of Brunton’s principal adherents, Anthony Damiani. [...]